An Expatriate

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An Expatriate
  • Your dossier should include the following documents listed below :
  1. A (01) certificate of residency, delivered by the police or municipal officer in your area of residence upon proof of address issued by your quarter head
  2. Two (02) copies of your foreigner’s identity card or consular card
  3. A (01) copy of your marriage certificate issued by the Mayor’s office
  4. An (01) original copy of your criminal record check of no more than three months issued by the Dakar Court of Appeal
  5. One (01) original of the criminal record check of no more than three months from your country of origin
  6. Two (02) fiscal stamps of 2000 CFA Francs to buy from the post office
  7. A sum of 10 000 CFA Francs if your business does not have a trade name and 20 000 CFA Francs if it has one.

After you have defined the type of company you wish to establish and gather information on the specific documents for starting your business in Senegal, you can then proceed to :