A foreign company

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A foreign company
  • To submit deposit your application, you have to go to a Notary’s office with the following documents listed below:
  1. A copy of the constitution of the parent company
  2. One (01) copy of the minutes on the General Assembly’s decision to open the branch office or subsidiary, complete with the address, head office and manager’s name
  3. The parent company’s initial registration in the register of companies that was issued in the country of origin
  4. A French version of the parent company’s statutes, incorporation meeting minutes and notice of registration in the trade register, where these are written in a foreign language. The documents must be certified by a Notary in Senegal
  5. The original police record established in the country of origin of the officer in charge
  6. The original police record established by the Dakar Court of Appeal for foreigners
  7. A sum of 30 000 CFA Francs to cover the costs for processing the application
  8. One (01) fiscal stamp of 2 000 CFA Francs.

Following the identification of type of company you wish to establish and gather information on the specific documents you need to provide to start your business in Senegal, you can then proceed to: