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Getting advice to start your business

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To start a business, you need personalized and effective support to put every chance of success on your side. You may take the advice and use the tips at your disposal to optimize the steps for starting your business.

The criteria for choosing a legal structure include:
  • The nature of the activity
  • The volume of the investment
  • The will to engage in a partnership
  • The system of partnership
  • The assets you have
  • The tax and social regime of the business and entrepreneur
  • The mode of operation and management
  • The entrepreneur’s level of commitment and responsibility
  • The potential for growth
The golden rules to follow when starting an EIG are:
  • Search online for copies of statutes, minutes and rules and regulations
  • Print the copies of statutes, minutes and rules and regulations on both sides of the page
  • List the income generating activities in article 2 of the statutes
  • Give the name of the EIG in article 3
  • Provide a full address for the EIG premises (specify the area and number) under article 4 of the statutes
  • Indicate, if necessary, the amount each member has contributed in article 6 of the statutes
  • Remember there is a period of one (1) month between the date when the minutes are written and the date when they are submitted for registration
    For example: minutes signed on 1st January 2011 should be submitted no later that 1st February 2011
  • Pay an additional penalty of 29 000 CFA Francs if you exceed the one month deadline for registration
  • Get all the founding members of the EIG to sign the 3 copies of the statutes
  • Get all the members of the EIG Bureau to sign the minutes of the incorporation meeting
  • Do not affix the fiscal stamps worth 2000 francs on the statutes, minutes and rules and regulations unless these have been verified by the Front Office of the Business Creation Support Bureau (BCE) that is in charge of handling the dossier
  • Make provision for one fiscal stamp worth 2 000 francs per page for each copy of the statutes, minutes and rules and regulations.
    For example: if the statutes are written on 2 separate sheets, you need to think of getting 2 fiscal stamps for each of the 3 copies, meaning you will require 6 stamps for the statutes.