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  • The turnkey solution to your business

The Business Creation Support Centre works hand in hand with you in all your efforts. Such support ranges from expert advice before you start the business, to the creation stage itself, and then to the formalization stage, which is the last step when starting a business.

  • Comprehensive and reliable information on the process of starting a business in Senegal

The BCE team is available to help you from 8am to 6pm, Mondays through Fridays, so that you get information on the process of starting a business in Senegal. The team offers customized services and works to ensure you have all the tools, processes and procedures for your profile and objectives.

  • Support throughout the process of starting your business

BCE officials play an intermediation and facilitation role between investors and public administrative units throughout the process of starting a business.

  • Recording statutes

For EIGs and private equity firms (SA, SARL...), the President or notary goes to the BCE Front Office to register all the company’s articles of incorporation with the Inspector of Taxes and Landed Property. As the representative at the taxation service, he also issues the court registry receipt for all the different types of companies in the process of incorporation.

  • Getting registered at the RCCM

The court register on duty to the BCE, together with the relevant registry service area at the Dakar Regional Court (Tribunal Régional de Dakar), registers the business in the Register of Companies and Liens and establishes a form, known commonly as the RC.

  • Obtaining your business NINEA

The Representative of the National Agency for Statistics and Demography (ANSD) registers your company in the National Directory of Businesses and assigns to it a National Identification Number for Businesses and Associations (NINEA).

  • The declaration of establishment

Any physical person (individual) or legal entity (EIG, company) that opens an establishment should declare the establishment to the inspectorate of labour and social security. The form for “Declaration of Establishment” is prepared and signed by the Labour Inspector on duty to the BCE.

In accordance with the provisions of the Uniform Act on Commercial Companies and EIGs, “a notice is published in a journal authorized to publish legal notices in the State party headquarters within a period of fifteen days after the business is registered”. It is in the light of this provision and to comply with the “48h imperative” that the BCE, since inception, publishes legal notices on newly established companies each day on the Finance Ministry’s website, and since 2009 on the BCE website.