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The BCE comprises all the administrative units that work on the legal and administrative formalities for starting your business:

  • The Directorate General for Taxes and Landed Property,
  • The Court Registry,
  • The National Agency for Statistics and Demography,
  • The Inspectorate for Labour and Social Security.

This system has enable the reduction of the length of the time for starting a business in Senegal from 58 days to 48hours.

The BCE (Business Creation Support Bureau) is based within the  Administrative Procedures Facilitation Centre (CFPA) at APIX, which was established in July 2007. The CFPA positions itself today as the sole port of call that business investors have for administrative formalities.

The CFPA also has an Administrative and Landed Property Bureau (BFAD) whose role is to:

  • Facilitate and accelerate the delivery of permits, licenses and authorizations 
  • Help solve the difficulties investors meet in their dealings with the other administrative units 
  • Facilitate access to landed property

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